Porte Photos’ Daily Quote: March 15, 2023

Everybody needs a chance to find love.

~ Eva Longoria
American – Actress Born: March 15, 1975

Porte Ponderings:

This is an interesting 3 some. Two turtles and a fish eating the algae off of one turtle’s back. It’s impossible to know if this is and ongoing occurrence or a one time fling.

Love is kind and love is patient.

Older dogs can test one’s patience, but they deserve to be fed, given water and have their nails cut.

Leaving them outside, loose, unattended to fend for themselves is abuse. If this dog is picked up by a stranger when it is almost dead from dehydration, malnutrition and neglect you should be happy someone choose to love the dog and have it treated. You should be charged with failure to supply the necessities of life and animal abuse.

When I found Patsy she was almost dead from malnutrition and dehydration. She could barely walk. Her hind quarters were naked and covered in sores. Her tail was like a rats with no hair and broken on the end. My neighbors offered to help with vet bills rather than see her so sick.

I took her to Planned Pethood. She didn’t have a chip and they asked if I wanted to keep her because this dog had obviously been abandoned. I said yes and had the vet tend to her. $200 later, I took her home with a bottle of medicated shampoo and gave her a bath. The blood from her open sores washed out of her and down the drain. With her nails now trimmed she was able to walk again. She readily ate anything I gave her, so I gave her little portions of food several times a day. It was 2 days before she had a bowel movement. I bought a crate for her so at nighttime she could feel secure and her incontinences wouldn’t stain the carpet. I bought puppy pads for her to use in the crate and a new bed so she has a comfy soft place to sleep.

So no I won’t let you come to pick her up and take her back. She has suffered enough of your neglect and abuse. There is no way these issues were caused by an afternoon where she wandered out of her yard.

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