Porte Photos’ Daily Quote: December 24, 2022

Children aren’t just our future.
They’re our present.

~ Ricky Martin
American – Musician Born: December 24, 1971

Porte Ponderings:

Christmas Eve Morning and we’re all getting ready for our seasonal celebrations.

Presents are wrapped and under the tree. Baking is done and the cooking of the celebratory meal is underway.

We spend Christmas Eve with our children and grandchildren. Even though some might not be able to make it through the storm or are fighting COVID we still feel their love and are so glad they are safe. ❤

Yesterday the storm had some terrible results. 402 had a 100 car pile up. And 401 had a 50 car pile up. All roads were closed. It is a miracle that only 1 person needed to go to hospital and there were no fatalities. Our local Arena was set-up as a warming centre to help those stranded while they waited for tow trucks and to be picked up by someone.

Not so luckily a car with 5 teens flipped over on Thursday on Amiens Road, the day before the storm. 2 were pronounced dead on the scene and 3 went to hospital. My heart breaks for the parents who will have an empty place at their table or are spending hours at the hospital praying for their families.

Best wishes to everyone for a safe and happy holiday. ❤

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