Porte Photos’ Daily Quote: December 12, 2022

I like talking.
I didn’t know at the time
I would have to worry
so much about my hair.

~ Diane Sawyer
American – Journalist Born: December 22, 1945

Porte Ponderings:

I fu****g hate Windows 11.

I spent hours yesterday working on my daily quote in Fotor then my changes that wouldn’t save and when I tried to save my work the whole application closed and everything was lost.

Then today I thought I’d print a simple 4×6″ picture for my grandson. Well, the entire look and feel of File explorer is different. I couldn’t even find my files on my hard drive. And I couldn’t copy a file off of the cloud.

I was so frustrated I decided to restore Windows 10 and I won’t be going back to Windows 11 without a fight.

And my Windows 10 is now working better than ever.

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