Porte Photos’ Daily Quote: December 3, 2022

The first and worst of all frauds
is to cheat oneself.

~ Gamaliel Bailey
American – Journalist December 3, 1807 – June 5, 1859

Porte Ponderings:

Just back from a Cuba Vacation and busy with Christmas Minis today.

I have one customer inquiry to answer, but my ears have been giving me a rough time since landing. For some reason they didn’t pop when the plane landed. So I tried the home remedies on the internet starting with plugging my nose and gently blowing, warm compresses, then oil in the ears. The oil seems to have done the trick (or time) and luckily I’m feeling much better today.

There are so many statues in Old Havana like the one in today’s quote. A life-sized Chopin sitting on a bench just waiting for someone to come along and share a good conversation. My friend was more than willing to sit for a moment.

The Havana Walking Tour is a trip I’ve done before, but my friend had never seen Havana and I was eager to go again. The history on the tour is amazing. The Cuban People are so Friendly, but are also asking for tips so remember to take lots of American $1’s or Cuban Peso’s. This lady embodied the Cuban Spirit. So I was certain to give her 50 Pesos to take her picture. I’ve used her picture as a temporary profile picture on Facebook. I just think she is so amazing. The black and white version adds a type of timelessness while the colour version brings depth to the shades of brown and gold.

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