Porte Photos’ Daily Quote: November 29, 2022

The love of gardening is a seed
once sown that never dies.

~ Gertrude Jekyll
British – Celebrity / November 29, 1843 – December 8, 1932

Porte Ponderings:

Fairy like flowers blooming in the early morning dew. Touched their leaves fold up to protect themselves. Mimosas or sensitive plants grow in the grass between my back door and the quite swimmng pool at the Memories Resort in Cuba.

Our problems started with delayed flights. Arriving in the dark we had a very difficult time finding our rooms. The numbers on the buildings are unlit and you can’t see them in the dark. Then my husband and our friend got lost for 3.5 hours looking for the snack bar. The next morning my husband discovered he had forgotten his charger for his scooter in his truck in Windsor ON. Cuba has no such thing available as a replacement. The phones have broken down many times and the internet has been down more than up. Such are the frustrations of visiting a 3rd world country.

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