Porte Photos Daily Quote: September 14, 2022

Forgiveness is important in families,
especially when there are so many
secrets that need to be healed
– for the most part,
every family’s got them.

~ Tyler Perry
American – ActorSeptember 14, 1969

Porte Musings:

Family dynamics are always complicated. But when disagreements lead to estrangement, it is heart breaking.

Please take a moment today for forgiveness. Forgive the child with the temper who ruined the wedding, or the sister that you think cheated you before, or the parent who didn’t express as much love as you needed, or the wicked step-mother, or the brother who’s an asshole. Life is too short to burn bridges while you can still let them know you love them. Forgiving doesn’t mean they were right. It means no longer have to carry the burden of hating and you can start the journey of healing.

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