Porte Photos: April 21, 2022

Cheetahs, the world’s fastest land mammal, able to reach speeds up to 80 miles per hour; with their long sleek bodies, with their long legs and looking even longer due to their long wiry tail. Cheetahs belong to the Cat family, but are not true cats because they don’t have retractable claws and the lack a floating Hyoid bone in its neck means it can not roar, but they can purr both while inhaling and exhaling.

The safest way to view these magnificent creatures is at Busch Gardens, where they have a large enclosure and are able to exercise. They watch the crowd at a safe distance and pose for cameras.

Today Adolf Hitler was born in 1889. One would have hoped that war would have ended when Adolf Hitler died April 30, 1945, but atrocities of war and war crimes continued in Bosnia, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea and now in Ukraine. I’m still not certain it is a war, when one country invades another an obliviates everything: every man, woman and child in sight. Claiming it is the other one that is the aggressor and won’t give them what they want.

Some have actually said that if Putin were assassinated the war would end, but that’s not true. Like all world leaders, Putin is merely the leader and voice of the Party. The Party makes the real decisions, both funding and supporting the invasion of it’s neighbour, historically part of Russia and it’s family. The Party is only inspired by the leader.

And the world stands by watching… making resolutions… making sanctions… against the aggressor, while Ukrainians are being tortured and slaughtered in their homes, hospitals or bomb shelters. Ukraine with a population of 40 Million people and less than 1 million have escaped as refugees.

The world being held hostage with the threat of World War III if they do anything. So instead the world sends weapons to Ukraine, too little, too late for too many. And the world sends food that can’t make it to the citizens.

The world makes a gesture of taking in refugees. USA opened their doors to 100,000 of the 40 million Ukrainians. While the world still burns Russian oil and coal; and complain that the price of gasoline has gone up too high. It will take months before the sanctions come into place and have any effect.

And all we can do is sit back and watch with the threat that action will bring disaster on a global scale.

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