Daily Quote: March 27, 2022

But it is the province of religion,
of philosophy,
of pure poetry only,
to go beyond life,
beyond time,
into eternity.

~ Alfred de Vigny
French – Poet / March 27, 1797 – September 17, 1863

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

4th Sunday of Lent

Caring, loving, nurturing, today is Mothering Sunday. No matter who you are this instinct is required for survival. To care for others.

Remember all those weird country songs. Like Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road? Well today is Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day. Let’s get out the Spotify list and start playing.

Want something a little different for Sunday Dinner? Try some Spanish Paella on National Spanish Paella Day. The ultimate one pan dinner: rice, saffron, vegetables, chicken, and seafood cooked and served in one pan. šŸ˜‰

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