Daily Quote: January 24, 2022

Never go to bed angry, stay up and fight.

~ William Congreve
English – Poet January 24, 1670 – January 19, 1729

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

You look good today. Celebrate National Compliment Day. Give a compliment to someone. There is a right way to give a compliment according to Oprah Daily:

  1. Link your compliment to something you genuinely feel.
  2. Then, think about why you appreciate that quality.
  3. Be authentic and specific, not hyperbolic.
  4. Done right, even seemingly superficial compliments can make someone’s day.

Now that you know how to give a compliment, celebration National “Just Do It” Day.
Make one day, Day One. Hit those other items on your To Do List. Getter Done! 😉

Don’t forget to celebration National Peanut Butter Day. If not with a peanut butter sandwich, then enjoy a peanut butter cookie. Peanut allergies can be very severe. Recent research shows that introducing Peanut Butter earlier helps reduce the allergic reactions and development.

So glad the Ontario government now pays for Mid-wives. My newest grandchild will have a mid-wife to help with his/her arrival. Looking forward to the new family addition in June.

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