Daily Quote: January 23, 2022

Some guys can run fast,
some guys can sing,
I found I could take photographs
that people were interested in.

~ David Douglas Duncan
American – Photographer / January 23, 1916 – June 7, 2018

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

Child Labor Day is set aside to remember how children were exploited to work in the mines or do other dangerous work in sub-standard conditions. Extensive child labor laws have been enacted in North America to prevent these atrocities, but in many parts of the world children are still used to perform these jobs.

So be careful on Measure Your Feet Day that the shoes you order are made by companies that don’t employee child labor.

Enjoy a piece of pie on National Pie Day. Pie Day is so important that there are 2 days for National Pie Day. One in December and another in January.

Getting ready to go on vacation, I scheduled dinners so I could see each of my grandchildren before we leave. I forgot how busy their lives are. My oldest son forgot about his dinner agreement last night. School had just returned last week, snow had my son working nights, and my daughter-in-law hurt her back. So instead I called my middle son and his family. They were free and joined us for ribs & baked potatoes.

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