Daily Quote: January 22, 2022

In order for the light to shine so brightly,
the darkness must be present.

~ Francis Bacon
English – Philosopher / January 22, 1561 – April 9, 1626

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

It’s been so cold with night time temperatures of -20C. So be certain to be safe and remember Come in From the Cold Day. It’s a really difficult time for those without homes. Be certain to give donations to the Salvation Army or any other group in your area providing help to the homeless.

On the fun side, today is also Answer Your Cats’ Questions Day. If you don’t know the Question, at least hold them and pet them for a while.

Spice it up a bit today as we celebrate National Hot Sauce Day. And remember a little goes a long way.

I just finished the Cloud Challenge on Keep it Colourful with Jesse Roberston. It was much harder than I thought it would be.

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