Daily Quote: January 21, 2022

Knock the ‘t’ off the ‘can’t’

~ George Reeves
American – Actor / January 5, 1914 – June 16, 1959

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

Easy to do if it wasn’t for COVID restrictions, celebrate National Hug Day. Oh well, you’ll have to hug your roommate if your lucky enough to have one. I think strangers would frown on it today. 😉

One-liners Day is one of my favorite days to celebrate. If a parsley farmer gets sued, can they garnish his wages?

Get healthy eat a granola bar on National Granola Bar Day.

We’re getting ready for a Florida vacation. I’ve set up times to meet with all of our boys and their families before we go. I’d have had them all at the same time, but we’re limited to 5 per visit. What a crazy restriction, we’ll just see each separately. I’m looking forward to some sunshine and swimming. Wearing a mask is recommended there but not required. Vaccine passports are illegal. That’s why so many Ontarians have headed south. I’m ready. We sold our summer trailer and are downsizing at home. So renting a trailer in Florida sounds really good. Click here for the CTV article.

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