Daily Quote: November 18, 2021

I know too much to be a sceptic and too little to be a dogmatist.

~ Pierre Bayle
French – Philosopher / November 18, 1647 – December 28, 1706

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte musings:

So let’s sit around and talk about important ideas as we celebrate World Philosophy Day.

So almost every one has heard about William Tell and how he shot an apple off of his son’s head with an arrow. But most people don’t know the rest of the Swill legend from this date on 1307. William had 2 arrows. In an act of defiance William refused to take his had off for one of the leaders. The penalty was that William had to either shoot the arrow off of his son’s head or his son would be put to death. After successfully shooting the apple off of his son’s head the leader asked why William had 2 arrows. William told him that if the first arrow missed it’s mark the second arrow was for the leader. William was taken into custody and sent to prison. On the way there he escaped, waited for the leader and shot him with the second arrow. Starting with the small act of defiance the was of liberation was begun. So on William Tell Day remember how small acts of defiance can lead to liberation.

At 12:01 today this season’s wine was first able to be served in France. So break out the wine, music and fireworks to celebrate Nouveau Beaujolais Day.

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