Daily Quote: November 13, 2021

You can give without loving,
but you can never love without giving.

~ Robert Louis Stevenson
Scottish – Writer / November 13, 1850 – December 3, 1894

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

One of my favorite memories of elementary school was in Grade 7 when our Principal, Mrs. Helen Coulter read Return to Treasure Island to the grade 8’s in our split class. The group of Grade 8’s were from poor local families and had below their grade level reading English skills. Her gift to them was to read a book of adventure and growing up to them. Hoping to instill in them a sense of love of reading. We should follow her example on World Kindness Day. Going above what is required with love.

The third annual dance in High School was the Sadie Hawkins Dance in remembrance of Sadie Hawkins Day. It was the girls’ turn to ask boys to the dance. I never had the nerve to ask someone to go out with me at that age. I soon learned that you had to put yourself out there if you wanted anything you had to ask.

Samples of wine while touring sounds good to me. So celebrate Wine Tour Day, even if it’s just in sampling the bottles in your own fridge. 😉

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