Daily Quote: October 23, 2021

It is not the years in your life
but the life in your years that counts.

~ Adlai Stevenson I
American – Politician / October 23, 1835 – June 14, 1914

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

As a former Project Manager Event Organizers Day strikes a chord in my heart. Event Organizers, those take charge people who make sure the details are taken care of and the Event runs smoothly are recognized for their contributions today.

Even if you aren’t one of those born leaders/organizers you can still be a leader in your community on Make a Difference Day. Join a group, participate by volunteering your time, or just pick up the trash on your daily walk. Yes, the efforts of one person make a difference. Remember to keep doing those random acts of kindness.

What food should we celebrate today? National Boston Cream Pie Day. A wonderful 2 layer cake with a light cream filling and rich dark chocolate poured over top. Yes, Boston Cream Pie’s need their own day. 🙂

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