Daily Quote: October 9, 2021

I love photography.
I love the imagery.
I love what I do.

~ Don McCullin
British – Photographer / Born: October 9, 1935

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

Leif Erikson Day remembers the first Europeans to sail to North America. Yes, the Vikings were 500 years before Christopher Columbus. They established the settlement of Vinland in Newfoundland.

October 9th is also World Migratory Bird Day. The snowbirds are heading South. Even though the border remains closed to non-essential travel to the USA for Canadians many are waiting for October 21st and hoping the border will be re-opened. Many are making plans to fly to their winter homes. The Canadian Snow Bird Association and many insurance companies are awaiting the decision.

Today is also World Post Day. A day to celebrate the International Post Offices of the world and their impact.

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