Daily Quote: October 6, 2021

A house is a machine for living in.

~ Le Corbusier
Swiss – Architect / October 6, 1887 – August 27, 1965

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

German-American Day is ae of the days for my German roots. Many Germans immigrated to North America in the early 1800’s to be able to have freedom of religion. After the second world war my mother grew up in a small town called Bismark, after the German Chancellor (the name was changed to West Lorne). With the last name of Heil her name was an easy target for ignorant people. Now during Octoberfest, everyone is German. So enjoy a beer or two and a polka.

Come and Take It Day is a war cry quoted in battle. As a taunt to edge the enemy on.

International Walk to School Day or Walk Your Child to School is not only environmentaly friendly, and good for your body, but also gives a chance to slow the pace and spend some quality time together.

Yes, houses are machines that we live in. And they demand revisions, paint, new porches, and new floors. We’re scheduled to have new floors installed on the main floor the last week in October. In preparation for the new floors we’ve been packing up everthing on the main floor and moving it out. The Den was the first floor to be removed. It went to be re-purposed at my son’s house in their dining area. It looks beautiful in the new location. The Living Room and Dining room are now down to the original floors. We’re living in chaos while we continue the preparations. The installation will take 5 days, one work week. But this is the time to have it done. I worked be able to afford the additional expense and I have a really good discount because my son and daughter-in-law (not married to each other) are working at a flooring place in town.

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