Daily Quote: October 1, 2021

To me in my childhood,
elves and fairies of all sorts
were very real things,
and my dolls were as really children
as I was myself a child.

~ Annie Besant
English – Philosopher / October 1, 1847 – September 20, 1933

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

After a solemn day of Truth and Reconciliation yesterday, we greet the First of October and celebrate World Smile Day. Be certain to celebrate by sharing your smile with your family, friends and neighbours.

Coffee seems to make the work go around, as today is also National Coffee Day. (Didn’t we just celbrate coffee day in September?) So make time to share a coffee with someone on your coffee break.

If you can, have a coffee with a Senior and you can celebrate National Seniors Day as well. It’s hard to believe that I’m now considered to be a Senior.

I’ve been retired from my job at Canada Post for almost 9 years. Even though I hated having the Superanuation (Retirement Fund) deductions off of my paycheck, I love the cheques that come in monthly now. I have the freedom to explore other options. This year while being under lockdown, I’ve been busy with my Photography and have worked the Census & Federal Election. I’m also very lucky that I have good health and can enjoy these “Golden Years”. I’ve had time to spend with my husband when he was ill and with my grandchildren as they are growing so quickly.

At any rate, I’ll also accept those Senior Discounts at my favorite stores. 😉

Welcome October 2021!!

My version of Swirley Pumpkins: https://jesserobertson.com/virtualtutorials/

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