Porte Musings: Sunday, July 11, 2021

Thank your for all your well wishes, thoughts and prayers. My husband’s surgery was completed Thursday, July 8th at University Hospital, London Ontario. The surgery took 7 hours operating time. A 10-15 cm tumor, part of his colon and stomach was removed.

Special thanks to Dr. Hawel, who called me as soon as the surgery was done to let me know that it was successfully completed laparoscopically, the tumor was removed intact, and there didn’t seem to be any migration to adjacent lymph nodes or other organs.

My term contract job has come to an end. My supervisor was wonderful and very understanding. She ensured I had a flexible schedule to get through the various appointments. I was very grateful to be so busy waiting for the surgery to be done. I was a crew leader for a wonderful team of 16 members and 1 assistant, that ensured we finished our assignment in time for me to become a care taker for my husband when he gets home.

We are looking forward to a speedy recovery during the summer with family and friends as Ontario is re-opening and COVID-19 restrictions are finally being reduced.

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