Daily Quote: May 19, 2021

I refuse to admit that I am more than fifty-two,
even if that does make my sons illegitimate.

~ Nancy Astor (British – Politician; Born: May 19th, 1879 Lived until May 2nd, 1964)

Holidays and Celebrations…

*** Day of Nature (Fête de la Nature) – France ***

*** May Ray Day ***

*** National Devil’s Food Cake Day ***

Porte Musings…

If I were to only say I was 52 my first son would have been born when I was only 8. So I own my age and claim it with pride. I’m 64 and who could want for more. I have 4 wonderful grandchildren and a wealth of experience that only comes with living a good life. I’ve already lived more than 20 years longer than my mother had the privilege of living and have past the life span of my father this year. I tell my grandchildren now that I’m this old I’m going to live until I’m 120 – and I intend to still live in my own house and kayak. ❤

So let’s eat Devil’s Food Cake and celebrate National Devil’s Food Cake Day. Any reason to eat cake, chocolate cake…..

We don’t need a special day to celebrate nature, but France made one. Fête de la Nature To celebrate Nature take a walk or just sit in the sunshine.

Then you would also be celebrating May Ray Day as you absorb some of the May sunshine and make some vitamin D.

Today I’ll be spending the morning in the Hospital Parking Lot, as my husband goes for a CT Scan to determine how large the cancerous mass is and help define a plan of treatment. He was right. For me I’m glad I’m continuing to work and keep busy. Sitting around and waiting is so hard for me. Just a few hours in the parking lot because I can’t go in with him will be horrible.

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