Daily Quote: May 15, 2021

If each photograph steals a bit of the soul,
isn’t it possible that I give up pieces of
mine every time I take a picture?

Richard Avedon (American – Photographer / Born: May 15, 1923 Lived until: October 1, 2004)

*** Holidays and Celebrations:

*** International Day of Families ***

*** National Chocolate Chip Day ***

*** Bring Flowers to Someone Day ***

Porte Musings:

Celebrate International Day of Families. Even during our stay at home orders in Ontario it is important to celebrate our families. That nucleolus of our lives. The centre of our universes. The loves of our lives.

Probably the best way to celebrate is with a chocolate chip cookie and a glass of milk together at the kitchen table as we remember National Chocolate Chip Day. Eating together with family is the best way to bond. Chocolate chips, lasagna, BBQ, turkey dinner, ham and scalloped potatoes or just a pizza……

As the long weekend in May is quickly approaching the government is loudly telling us to stay home and get vaccinated. The long weekend in May is the major planting weekend for farmers and home gardeners. So although today may be Bring Flowers to Someone Day, I prefer to give out my tomato plants so all my family is able to enjoy their gardening in the next week. I’ve grown 4 types of tomato plants this year: Cherry, Rutgers, Sicilian and Black Heritage. The cherry tomatoes are for my grandchildren: Eat those tomatoes. Rutgers are ordinary tomatoes. Sicilian are giants allegedly big enough to fill a dinner plate. And the Black Heritage tomatoes are so dark when ripe they are supposed to be almost black. I’ve been carefully putting them outside each day and back into the greenhouse each night to keep them safe from the frost. Now that they are hardened off it’s time to give them away to their new owners. I keep some for myself and all of the left overs will be donated to the local Horticultural Society for their annual fundraising sale on May 29th.

Bad news never arrives alone. My husband’s niece called yesterday to let us know that not only will she be taking care of her mother due to cancer, but her father, my husband’s oldest brother, Bill has also been diagnosed with lung cancer. Bill, now over 80, has had dementia for several years, so the decision for him and his family is to let the disease run it’s eventual course.

With his own battle, my husband is now scheduled for a CT scan next Wednesday. I’ve decided to continue working and have differed the decision to quit until I hear the final diagnosis and plan in 2 weeks after the biopsy results are known. As my husband said, I love to work and to be busy. It does take my mind off the issues at hand and actually gives me strength to deal with things much better. He says he’s not worried because worrying won’t change things, but I’ve seen his tears leak out when he thinks no one is looking. He blames me for making him so emotional. And Nora Roberts for all the novels she’s written and he’s read.

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