Daily Quote: May 14, 2021

Tears may be dried up,
but the heart – never.

Quoted from Margaret of Valois (French – Royalty Lived: May 14, 1553 to March 27, 1615)

Holidays and Celebrations:

*** International Dylan Thomas Day ***

*** Shades Day ***

*** Dance Like a Chicken Day ***

Porte Musings:

Today is Dylan Thomas Day. So get out some Dylan Thomas works and read or listen. “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night”.

Hopefully the sun is shining and we can celebrate Shades Day. Wearing shades for fashion and protection from the sun. They also help shield your eyes from other objects and pollutants.

If nothing else get out there and celebrate Dance Like a Chicken Day. Or do the Chicken Dance.

Some days just hit you like a brick. My husband’s colonoscopy yesterday was not good news. They discovered a large mass on his transverse large intestine. So the big “C” has hit again. It isn’t related to the Kidney Cancer he beat with early detection. Next week he will go for a Cat Scan. It takes 2 weeks for the biopsy results and then we will talk about options. The doctor said this one is very slow growing and has probably been there for 4 to 5 years. The hardest part is always the waiting. I’ve quit my contract job by am uncertain about the end date. Realistically the next 2 weeks are just waiting, so I might be best to work until the end of May.

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