Daily Quote: May 13, 2021

I’m not playing a role.
I’m being myself,
whatever the hell that is.

Bea Arthur (American – Actress Born: May 13, 1923. Died: April 25, 2009)

Holidays and Celebrations:

*** Ascension ***

*** Eid al-Fitr ***

*** Tulip Day ***

Porte Musings:

Happy Birthday Bea Arthur (born Bernice Phyllis Frankel). I’m so glad I grew up with you as a role model in your many roles. From Vera Charles in Mame, to Maude Findlay, to her leading role in the Golden Girls. The strong large woman figure not afraid to speak her mind and human enough to be frustrated.

Today two major religious holidays are celebrated. The 14th day of Easter is the celebration of the Ascension of Christ as he rose to heaven after his earthly return from the dead. Today is also Eid al-Fitr for all my Muslum friends and family their time of prayer and fasting has come to an end.

Today is also Tulip Day. During the Ontario wide lockdown the Tulip festival in Ottawa is being held on-line for the second time. I’m so tired of being locked down.

The numbers for the 3rd wave are finally decreasing and already the experts are predicting a 4th wave. I’m really at a loss about this prediction as vaccination is now at 50% of Ontario for the first shot. Are the experts already saying that the vaccine won’t be effective? or are they trying to scare the anti-vaccers into getting vaccinated? I pray that once we’re vaccinated we’ll be able to get back to normal, whatever the new normal may be. Surrounded by blood clot problems, 3 deaths and confusion the Astra Zeneca vaccine has been stopped in Ontario and will no longer be offered as the first shot. Luckily my husband and I got the Pfizer vaccine first. His second shot was moved up as all natives now qualify for the second shot.

Today my husband is going for an emergency colonoscopy and endoscope. All routine colonoscopies in Ontario have been cancelled/rescheduled or limited during the third wave of the pandemic. We’ve had quite a ride the last couple of weeks as he has been loosing blood internally and had to have a transfusion to increase his red blood cell count. The new blood has helped with many of the issues he’s been having lately, including sudden leg buckling and falls. After his day of purging and liquids only, they will probe him from both ends. I’m uncertain if I want them to find an issue or not. I just want him to get better so he can himself again.

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