Daily Quote: May 5, 2021

Life can only be understood backwards;
but it must be lived forwards.

~ Soren Kierkegaard (Danish – Philosopher / May 5, 1813 – November 11, 1855)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

Happy Cinco de Mayo. When I was in the Portuguese Holy Spirit Marching Band, this was one of the celebrations we enjoyed playing at in the London Portuguese club. The dancers were dressed in their folk costume and probably gave their best performance of the year.

I haven’t been able to figure out why today is World Math Day. Maybe it’s because math likes patterns so the fifth day of the fifth month was the day to choose?

I do understand the Great American Grump Out. Making comedy from tragedy helps release stress and during the 3rd lockdown in Ontario we need a stress reliever. So Grump Out, get it out and get on living with less stress.

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