Daily Quote: May 3, 2021

The more I live,
the more I think that
humor is the saving sense.

~ Jacob Riis (Danish – Journalist / May 3, 1849 – May 26, 1914)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

May 3rd is Saint Philip Day. The apostle Philip is the patron saint of hat makers and pastry chefs. A working artist man’s saint.

Nestled in the middle of the Great Lakes we often take for granted our abundance of fresh water. Today is set aside to celebrate Great Lakes Awareness Day. One of the item on my bucket list is to do the circle tour of Lake Superior. I have completed the tour of Lake Huron several times, but have never done a circle tour of the other great lakes.

Anxiously awaiting the May long weekend when we are finally able to plant our tender annuals, I might just celebrate Garden Meditation Day by preparing the gardens and completing some weeding. I need a good pair of tough gloves though. My front flower bed has a mysterious patch of stinging nettle that popped up this spring. I’ve already been bitten once by the plant that some say have magical powers of healing. So now I’m torn between harvesting it or just killing it with round-up. I was actually kicked off of one gardening site for suggesting round-up on this noxious weed.

Stinging Nettle surrounded by grass and Dead Nettle in my front flower bed.

2 thoughts on “Daily Quote: May 3, 2021

  1. Is a circle tour a drive all along the shore of the lake? Visiting all the small towns along the way? I’ve not heard this term before. I do love Lake Michigan!

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