Daily Quote: April 29, 2021

If nature were not beautiful,
it would not be worth knowing,
and if nature were not worth knowing,
life would not be worth living.

~ Henri Poincare (French – Mathematician / April 29, 1854 – July 17, 1912)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

Get up and dance to celebrate International Dance Day. Turn up the tunes and move your grove thing. Or if you prefer a nice waltz or a folk dance. Just get up and do it!

So you don’t dance, you’d rather run Parkour. Today is the day to do it. Celebrate We Jump the World Day with some free style running and jumping. Whether you prefer urban or wilderness environments, get out their and show us how you do it.

And last but not least today is International Noise Awareness Day. Why I prefer my electric lawn mower: it’s quieter. I love to just sit in a Forest and listen to the quiet. This spring is going to be the song of the cicada as cicadas emerge from the ground in record numbers. 2021 is the big Brood X cicadas swarm. This type of cicada takes 17 years of underground growth before they emerge to mate. To help track this major event there’s even a phone app to help track the emergence of this year’s cicada swarm.

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