Daily Quote: April 1, 2021

When you want to fool the world,
tell the truth.

~ Otto von Bismarck (German – Leader / April 1, 1815 – July 30, 1898)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

March is done and onward we go to April. April Showers bring May flowers. The first of April is well known as being April Fools Day. Today’s quote by Otto von Bismark is very appropriate. Having been born on April Fools Day he would have heard all the Fool’s jokes and pranks, but it is true the best way to fool someone is just to tell the truth, for the truth is often more amazing than fiction.

In 2021, April 1st is also Maundy Thursday for Christians around the world. A day to remember the last supper, the prayers in the garden, the betrayal of Christ with a kiss, the mocking by the guards, the crown of thorns and ending with a trial rigged to appease the crowds.

Today is also Boomer Bonus Day. A day created to celebrate all baby boomers and to give them a discount without calling them seniors. So get your bonus if you qualify.

Being a grandparent, it’s impossible not to watch Peppa Pig. Today is her favorite holiday, National Jump in Muddy Puddles Day. To celebrate is easy. Find a muddy puddle and joyfully jump in it while laughing. Because deep down we all really like jumping in muddy puddles.

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