Daily Quote: March 10, 2021

He who does not become familiar with nature
through love will never know her.

~ Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel (German – Poet / March 10, 1772 – January 12, 1829)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

Happy Mario Day to all the Mario’s of the world. Probably one of the most famous Mario’s is Nintendo’s character. Talk about a stereotype….. Italian, plumber, red hat, blue pants, cute, lovable…. When my kids first started playing Mario games, catching coins and saving the princess, I thought it was a passing thing. Now my Grandchildren are playing the same games and more. Lego that connect the characters to an IPad and remote racing cars that drive through the kitchens of the world with cameras showing the view on the game controllers from the driver of the cars. Such a world of imagination and games that the list just keeps growing.

In a world with so much technology it’s hard for some to imagine not having enough food for the day; or surviving drug/alcohol addiction; or suddenly being homeless through some tragic event. In this world thank god for the Salvation Army and their food banks, shelters and helping hands. Practicing love by helping others in need. If you have a chance today please remember Salvation Army Day by donating to help them help others.

During the COVID-19 pandemic we seem to be forgetting the other diseases that have tragic results. Today is also National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. Women and girls who not only have AIDS/HIV, but have also had to survive by being the only “Parent” figure when their parents have died or lie waiting to die. Some being infected by birth or rape. Third world countries without the resources to help the Women and Girls. Ongoing research for a cure that would be available inexpensively, rather than an expensive treatment benefitting only Big Pharma, is needed now more than ever.

So many issues that we pray for during this Christian Season of Lent with the celebration season of Easter looming closer.

The first signs of spring are appearing all around us. It truly is a time to celebrate: Festival of Life in the Cracks Day. The temperatures are finally above freezing and the sun has been shining to warm the earth. Gardeners are rushing the season by starting seeds in their windowsills or if lucky enough a greenhouse. I purchased some germination heating mats this year and am very pleased with the results as my marigolds geminated in 2 days and my tomatoes in 4. I love this time of year.

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