Daily Quote: February 25, 2021

The measure of success is not
whether you have a tough problem to deal with,
but whether it is the same problem
you had last year.

~ John Foster Dulles (American – Public Servant / February 25, 1888 – May 24, 1959)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

In the age of growing claims of equality today is set aside as Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day. It’s so important for Girl Power that we let them know they can be anything, even a well paid Engineer. I worked in the Engineering profession as a technician and never knew how much Engineers made before I had started working with them. Using Math and Science to solve problems and find new, more efficient ways of doing things with reasoning and proven methodology. As one of my sons’ friends said: Oh, saving money for the corporation. I like to add: while improving the work conditions and safety of employees.

Nutritionists not only have to deal with the science of food but the appeal. So let’s recognize our nutritionists and dieticians by celebrating Let’s all East Right Day. What better way to celebrate than by eating Chili as today is also National Chili Day. I think the UK have gotten it right by going a step further by pairing National Chili Day with National Toast Day. So eat right today by having chili and toast either for lunch or supper. ❤

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