Daily Quote: February 24, 2021

Come live in my heart,
and pay no rent.

~ Samuel Lover (Irish – Artist / February 24, 1797 – July 6, 1868)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

Frozen in time the Mallard Duck came for a landing on Pincombe Pond he looks like an angel suspended above the snow. I’d like to say the shot was done intentionally, but it was an accidental achievement like so many good things in life. Yes, the camera was very fast and I was using aperture mode, but luckily he flew towards me looking for food.

Makes me want to celebrate with National Bar Tender Day. And what would go better with a nice margarita than Tortilla Chips as we remember National Tortilla Chip Day. It would be a perfect day to go to Los Chicos in Zephyrhills Florida for their daily special, but now I’m just dreaming as the USA-Canada border remains closed due to the Pandemic restrictions. We are looking forward at the Province of Ontario re-opening and the rumour that London-Middlesex will be going into the “Yellow” restrictions with more freedoms.

Be certain to wear a pink shirt today and make a statement against bullying on Pink Shirt Day. Started just a few years ago by grade 12 Canadian students who had witnessed a grade 9 student being bullied just the day before for wearing a pink shirt. The quick thinking young men bought all the pink shirts they could and sold them to their school mates to show strength in numbers. The entire school dressed in pink shirts to help stamp out bullying.

2 thoughts on “Daily Quote: February 24, 2021

  1. Great capture of the duck! And I like how you mention it was an “accidental achievement” like so many good things in life. That’s a nice thought. Thanks for your post, and enjoy your day!

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    1. Thank you. I love walking with my camera in hand just in case. And I may take 1,000 pictures before I find the “right one.” Digital photography is so forgiving that way. You can just delete the ones you don’t like.

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