Daily Quote: February 23, 2021

Education must not simply teach work
– it must teach Life.

~ W. E. B. Du Bois (American – Writer / February 23, 1868 – August 27, 1963)

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Porte Musings:

Today is National Rationalization Day. Re-examine all the excuses you’ve given for failure or undone tasks and you can correct your reasoning. Or you can rationalize that it’s a good reason to take some time off work. While you’re busy rationalizing, also celebrate World Understanding and Peace Day. One of the standard answers in any beauty contest is that if the person could do anything what would they do: World Peace. Peace can only be accomplished through understanding and the way to understanding is through education, whether it be formal or continued informal learning.

Today is also very important for your pets. It is World Spay Day. Nowhere did I see the dedication for spaying feral cats more than when I vacationed in Zephyrhills Florida. Pasco County supported a catch, spay and release program. For only $10 you could bring feral cats to the Planned Pethood Clinic in a live catch cage and they would be spayed/neutered and given rabies shots. We participated in the program and had neighbours that generously donated to ensure the feral cats were taken care of and wouldn’t be left to have endless batches of kittens. Spayed/Neutered cats would have their ear notched so you could easily identify them. The feral cats were wonderful for keeping the mice and gecko population under control. In Harlingen Texas feral cats often became community cats in our Trailer Park. They kept the pack rats from doing extensive property damage.

3 thoughts on “Daily Quote: February 23, 2021

      1. I worked at a community college, and so much of the focus was on learning for the sake of employment. This was even more of a focus as I neared retirement. While employment is very important, there is so much more value in learning than just employment. But fortunately, as you mention, learning doesn’t have to happen just in a formal setting. I don’t like to be “negative”, but this thought kept rambling around in my brain since I saw your quote yesterday!

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