Daily Quote: February 20, 2021

We are only tenants,
and shortly the great Landlord
will give us notice that our lease has expired.

~ Joseph Jefferson (American – Artist / February 20, 1829 – April 23, 1905)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

With the snow drifts taller than Rickie, we made paths through the backyard and played on the snowy day. Rickie just peaks his head above and smiles. Enjoying every moment that we are tenants of this world we are visiting.

It’s easy to observe Love Your Pet Day. This is something we do everyday. Starting with the morning trip outside, breakfast, a walk and cuddle time before bed. If you don’t own a pet, may I suggest a donation to any of the local animal shelters or rescue groups.

I’m certain I don’t need an excuse to spend the day with my book shelves, but just in case today is the day set aside for Clean Out Your Bookcase Day, And if you’re like me once you start this task, you’ll probably get stuck and start reading one of the books.

World Social Justice Day is more difficult to celebrate but it is a reminder that not everyone is equal yet and we need to keep striving for equality and Justice.

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