Daily Quote: February 9, 2021

A sword, a spade, and a thought
should never be allowed to rust.

~ James Stephens

Holidays and Clebrations:

Porte Musings:

Stephen Covey (1932-2012) used the metaphor of sharpening an axe to explain that we need to keep our tools in good repair to achieve what we need to accomplish. It takes less time to sharpen the axe to chop down a tree than to just pick up the axe and start swinging. Likewise today’s quote reminds us to care for and constantly use our tools and thoughts. If you don’t care for and use things they rust, dry up and become useless.

To mark Safer Internet Day (US) be certain to check on your passwords and delete those cookies. Google nicely reminded me of SID as soon as I turned my computer on this morning. Sometimes the intrusion by Google is very annoying as we question whether we should even use their services. Recently their system was breached, so my passwords were shared with some unknown entity in Russia and I’ve had to change all of my passwords to ensure my banking and identity were safe. Each time Google offers a password that is so difficult the only way to remember it is to use their system. My password was safe until their system was corrupted, so I have very little confidence in their system.

It’ll be easy to celebrate Read in the Bathtub Day. When I used to work, every other morning I would look forward to reading a couple of chapters in the Bathtub. (The other days were spent showering.) It is still my favorite place to read totally undisturbed.

Looks like we’ll be ordering Pizza tonight to celebrate National Pizza Day. My husband and I love a deluxe pizza with all the exotic toppings. Whenever my grandchildren are with us they only want pepperoni. So as a compromise I have to order 2 pizzas. How I miss sharing pizza with my grandsons during this pandemic. Hopefully next week the lock-down order in Ontario is lifted so we can indulge again.

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