Daily Quote: January 30, 2021

Study is the bane of childhood,
the oil of youth,
the indulgence of adulthood,
and a restorative in old age.

~ Walter Savage Landor (English – Poet / January 30, 1775 – September 17, 1864)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

We may have some problems celebrating National Escape Day today while we’re still under lockdown. Almost 1 year into the pandemic and the airlines have finally decided to cancel all vacation flights from Canada to tropical destinations (including Florida). But I’m looking forward to taking my Grandson to the high school to play on the hill in the snow. I’ll be doing childcare (which is permitted) while his new brother, who has autism, will be accessed by a team of experts to determine the best ways to help him learn and develop to his best possible self.

I’ll be on line this morning celebrating National Seed Swap day and looking for people to share my seeds with. Although there are many commercial sites to buy seeds, nothing can compare to the joy of trading treasures with others for their treasures. Heritage and organic seeds collected and shared by true devotes of the religion of gardening, are amazing treasures and ensure that there is a large variety of cultivars still available. This is another tradition I’m missing where the Strathroy-Caradoc Horticultural Society meets monthly to share our gardening passions, exchange plants & seeds, and learn from our guest speaker. A big “Good Job” to our leaders who have kept some elements still going on line during the pandemic.

I might make a trip to Tim Horton’s this morning to celebrate National Croissant Day. I haven’t had a croissant in so long I can almost taste the buttery treat just thinking about one. An egg salad sandwich with lettuce on a croissant sounds like a wonderful lunch.

I just finished a free 12 week Indigenous Studies Course from the University of Alberta. It was an excellent course and I strongly recommend it to all Canadians. It helps to understand the history and current world views of our Indigenous peoples and neighbours as well as a bit of insight into the history of my husband’s heritage and that which we’ve passed down to our sons.

Learning at any age is so important. I’m glad I’ve picked up a paint brush and started to paint on line lessons.

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