Daily Quote: January 27, 2021

There are three hundred and sixty-four days
when you might get un-birthday presents,
and only one for birthday presents, you know.

~ Lewis Carroll (English – Author / January 27, 1832 – January 14, 1898)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

We only learn if we remember the terrible things in History, that’s why Holocaust Remembrance Day is so important. We remember the attempted genocide of Jews in Germany and the horrors of the second world war and to ensure that the world never sits idly by and watches this type of massacre again. However, genocides continue in the world and what are we doing about it? According the the Business Insider (article by Michal Kranz Nov 22, 2017, 4:59 PM https://www.businessinsider.com/genocides-still-going-on-today-bosnia-2017-11) there are genocides still going on today and he describes 5 of them.

  • The Rohingya in Myanmar
  • The Nuer and other ethnic groups in South Sudan
  • Christians and Yazidis in Iraq and Syria
  • Christians and Muslims in the Central African Republic
  • Darfuris in Sudan

I’m hoping everyone takes a moment today to remember the people of the world that have and still are being killed because of religion, skin colour or heritage differences.

That’s also why Family Literacy Day is so important. Every time we read a book with our children and grandchildren we are working to build literacy and understanding in the world. We build our future generations stronger when we give them the gift of the love of books. Story telling from generation to generation passes on more than just cute stories, it also passes on our culture, history, values, morals and views of the world. Even if it is in fantasy, as the stories written by Lewis Carroll, there are universal dreams and truths hidden in parables and stories.

But to end on a happier note: Happy Tu Bishvat. Celebrating the new Year for Trees (similar to Arbor Day). Increase the tree of knowledge. Learn one new thing today.

For most people today: Happy Unbirthday. For the rest: Happy Birthday. ❤

One thought on “Daily Quote: January 27, 2021

  1. That is a good idea to learn one new thing today. I just woke up, but when I am more awake, I will think of something. And yes, we must remember history! Lastly, reading books with my 3 children when they were growing up was a joy. You are right about all the things reading passes down – and there’s even more not listed! Thanks for your post, and enjoy your day!


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