Daily Quote: January 22, 2021

I think the camera is a wonderful machine, don’t you?
And not to take photographs in this century is crazy.

~ Peter Beard (American – Artist / January 22, 1938 – April 192020)

Holidays and Celebrations:

Porte Musings:

To answer Peter Beard’s question, yes I agree, the camera is a wonderful machine. I will take pictures here, I will take pictures there, I will take pictures everywhere. I love to take pictures of everything. My camera is always the last thing I pack so it’s always the first thing I can unpack or reach while I’m travelling. If it breaks I have to get it fixed and while it’s being fixed I have to have a replacement. That’s exactly what happened when I was in Texas last year. When my Nikon D750 had shutter issues and it went back to Nikon for 6 weeks, I had to get another camera so I could take pictures on my walks. The little Nikon CoolPix L340 may be listed as obsolete, but it got me through in a crunch and only cost me $20 used. It was so portable and took excellent pictures.

How can you enjoy Celebration of Life Day without taking pictures? Every celebration needs pictures. That’s why I love doing event photography. Nothing is better than someone’s candid show of joy or surprise at a party.

I’m not really certain you can Answer Your Cat’s Questions. They just keep changing and find more questions to ask. Like: are those your boots? Why do you need boots? Aren’t I cuter than those boots? When are you letting me outside? When are you letting me back in? When are you sitting down again, I need a lap to sit on? When are you going to feed me? Where are the treats?

It’s much easier to observe Bóndadagur. Do something nice for your husband today. Give him a hug. Give him a compliment. Cook some bacon. Let him skip a chore. Tell him how handsome he is. Give him some flowers. Buy him a book.

I find it interesting that Iceland celebrates husbands today while Poland skips that generation and celebrates Grandfather Day. During lockdown that’s a harder thing to celebrate as our grandchildren aren’t permitted by law to visit with us. I guess a video chat will have to do until we can hug our grandchildren in person again. I know that my husband has no greater joy than when one of the grandchildren run in the door with arms outstretched yelling “PAPA”.

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