Daily Quote: December 26, 2020

To the gifted and experienced musician, music is a language…..

~ Leopold Mannes (photographer, musician, patent inventor / December 26, 1899 – August 11, 1964)

Holidays and Celebrations:

*The Ontario Province wide lock down began this morning at 00:01. Only essential services will be open for business. All none essential services are to remain closed. Gatherings are limited to immediate household members only. Hopefully in combination with the COVID-19 vaccine these extreme measures will curb the rise in the number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths. Vaccinations have begun with Health Care Professionals and the most vulnerable.

Boxing Day sales on line only or only in “essential” stores. So my daughter-in-law and I aren’t able to do our annual shopping at Whiteoaks in London ON.

More about Leopold Manne….

*To the gifted and experienced musician, music is a language—to be understood in sentences, paragraphs and chapters.  The student who is still struggling with letters and words, so to speak, needs the guidance that will reveal to him the larger meanings of the musical language.  Theory, as it is called, has always been upheld as the promised gateway to this broad understanding, but there are thousands upon thousands of eager young musicians as well as disappointed older ones who will testify to the seemingly unbridgeable gap between their theoretical studies and the living experience of music itself.  

… from Dr Leopold Mannes’ Preface to Dr. Felix Salzer’s book, ‘Structural Hearing’.

Mannes was the inventor of Kodachrome film and process. After inventing the colour film and process Mannes returned to music, performing as a pianist and composing several musical scores. He served as president of the Mannes College of Music (founded by his parents in New York) and served as a judge in music competitions, including the first Van Cliburn International Piano Competition

Source: Wikipedia

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