Daily Quote: December 9, 2020

A visual understanding of great composition and
how to use a camera and expensive lenses can be learned,
but drive and a real hunger for making photos and telling stories…
I don’t think that part can be learned.
You either have that inside, or you don’t.

~ Aaron Huey (American – Photographer / Born: December 9, 1975)

Holidays and Celebrations:

*Today is my youngest Sister’s Birthday. 12 years younger than me she is waiting to become a grandmother in the next few days. My sister’s home will be an empty nest as her youngest daughter buys her first home and moves out. I took her some sweets on Sunday from Courtland Bakery. We had lunch together and a wonderful visit. Wishing her the best for the next year and hoping happiness finds her.

Wishing my youngest sister a happy Birthday and remembering our younger days.

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