Daily Quote: October 31, 2020

It’s that I don’t like white paper backgrounds. A woman does not live in front of white paper. She lives on the street, in a motor car, in a hotel room.

~ Helmut Newton (German – Photographer / October 31, 1920 – January 23, 2004)

Holidays and Celebrations:


World Cities Day


Studio pictures aren’t my style either. I prefer outdoors without any special lighting. My grandneice ran up to the top of a hill and for a brief moment was on top of the world as the “Queen of the Hill”. Candid shots of people being people are my very favorite types of portraits.

As communities prepare to celebrate Halloween COVID-19 style there have been many suggestions on how to maintain social distancing while Trick or Treating.

For me, and many other Canadian Snow birds, it means we’re home for Halloween instead of traveling to our winter season in the southern USA. Unfortunately our Southern friends and neighbours won’t have the economic benefit of the Northern Visitors. Many of the usual travelers are stuck with no winter home and scrambling to find an appropriate winter nesting ground. Seasonal Trailer Campgrounds aren’t permitted to have people be there year round so these retired people need to find somewhere else to go for 2-6 months. Some have petitioned for an exception this year, but the petitions seem to be falling on deaf ears.

The American election is quickly approaching. For all my American Friends I encourage you to get out and vote.

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