Daily Quote: October 30, 2020

It’s a choice
– there are two different sorts of photographer:
those obsessed with the technicalities
and those obsessed by the subject.

~Mario Testino (Peruvian – Photographer Born: October 30, 1954)

Holidays and Celebrations:


Victor Frankenstein the Doctor who created the infamous monster from human parts was himself a creation. Mary Shelley dove into her dreams to write the most terrific Gothic Novels stories that still are celebrated and remembered.

Great artists are often plagued with great obsessions, madness and evil. Famous for amazing fashion and people photography, Mario Testino became another victim of the Me Too movement when several of his subjects came forward with allegations of sexual harassment and abuse. 18 accusers have come forward since the 2018 allegations first came to the media. None of the allegations have gone to court, but the allegations will always taint Mario Testino’s name and leave a dark mark on fashion photography. It is far easier to just say no to nude photography than to risk loosing everything between the lines of art and pornography.

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