Daily Quote: September 11, 2020

Statues and pictures and verse may be grand,
But they are not the Life for which they stand.
~ James Thomson (Scottish – Musician September 11, 1700 – August 27, 1748)

Holidays and Celebrations: September 11

Patriot Day – United States

Make Your Bed Day

9-11 has become synonymous with the terror attack on USA and the end of the twin towers.  Everyone can remember where they were when they first heard the news.  I was at Canadian Tire Gas bar filling up to visit my son on his birthday when the horrific news came on the news screens.

To me this day is a day of hope.  Only 9 days after my Mother died, my first son was born.  My nickname for him was Jay, meaning Joy.  He was the sunshine at the end of a long night.  He remains my joy.  For even though a son is only in his mother’s arms for a short time, he is in her heart forever.

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