Daily Quote: July 17, 2020

I didn’t decide to be a photographer;
I just happened to fall into it.
~ Berenice Abbott
(American – PhotographerJuly 17, 1898 – December 9, 1991)

World Day for International Justice

World Emoji Day

People tend to “fall into” professions that they have a natural talent for, then they can either just do enough to get by or develop their natural talent into a passion.

Project Management was my first “career by accident”.  I loved Project Management.  Making a plan, breaking it into attainable pieces, tracking the progress and celebrating the finished goal.

Similarly Photography is a passion I fell into.  Taking pictures of people, places and things to capture them in the best light possible.  Going for a walk with camera in hand to see what I can discover today.

This little Hackberry Emperor Butterfly was sitting on the railing as I was finishing my walk on the Cedar Trail at Pinery Provincial Park.  She seemed to pose and smile for me.

Happy Emoji Day 🙂

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