Daily Quote: May 16, 2020

Time alone is irreplaceable.
Waste it not.
~ Douglas Southall Freeman
(American – HistorianMay 16, 1886 – June 13, 1953)

Biographer’s Day

Starting out the Victoria Day weekend, we can only remember the freedom we enjoyed last spring, walking through the local Conservation Area with the pair of second cousins.  They loved exploring everything together.  Looking into the water without a care in the world.  Running down the paths, laughing with joy, squealing with delight and getting dirty.  Hopefully, once COVID-19 self distancing is relaxed further the 2 boys will be able again to share their special friendship.

A slow reduction of restrictions opens up the Provincial Parks this past week, but still no washrooms, beaches or camping.  And you must maintain a safe distance of at least 6′.  Looking forward to being able to take the kayak to my favorite fresh water channel and paddling along.


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