Daily Quote: May 5, 2020

From each according to his abilities,
to each according to his needs.
~ Karl Marx
(German – PhilosopherMay 5, 1818 – March 14, 1883)

Cinco de Mayo

Cartoonist Day

May temperatures change so rapidly.  Sunday was sunny and 20C.  Friday night we could have snow flurries.  Many over anxious people were starting to plant their gardens and now will probably loose their tender plants to a deep freeze coming in from the north.

At least some of the restrictions are being loosened enough to permit communal gardens and garden centres to open.  Texas had 1,000 new cases yesterday amid their lessening of restrictions.  Hopefully as Ontario loosens the restrictions COVID-19 doesn’t gain in numbers again.  The curve seems to be flattening and some provinces are ready to open up again.

China fights back with a short animation of the COVID-19 timeline and USA response:
China Vs USA COVID-19 short animation

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