Daily Quote: May 4, 2020

May the 4th be with you!
For all Star Wars Fans

Star Wars Day

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day with temperatures of over 20C and a clear sunny day.  The dandelions were in full bloom, even after I had harvested the first flowers for dandelion wine.  With the entire yard covered in dandelions, 2 pollen laden bees are aiming for the same flower.

Although some things will be opening today, post COVID-19 Pandemic (we hope) there is still an air of mixed feelings and fear over opening too soon or a second wave that could occur.  Texas reported 1,000 new cases yesterday, but is opening back up as restrictions are being reduce.  Ontario Garden Centres will be opening with curbside pickup and other social distancing restrictions.  I’m anxiously awaiting the opening of Provincial Parks so I can go kayaking in my favorite body of water, the Ausable Channel.

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