Daily Quote: April 18, 2020

If I knew what the photograph was going to look like, I wouldn’t bother taking it.
It’s the voyage of discovery that fascinates me.
~ Lois Greenfield (American – Photographer / Born: April 18, 1949)

National Animal Crackers Day

National Auctioneers Day

Although I’m not a famous of a photographer like Lois Greenfield, the journey when taking photographs is the thrill.  I can’t imagine photographers that don’t like to process/edit their own photos or can wait to see what they’ve caught.  I captured these dancers at Casa Marina, Dominican Republic when they were all airborne at one of the performances that I attended December 2019.  It was a moment of sheer joy when I found it during editing.  A moment of excitement and energy caught mid-air by my simple Nikon D60.

With the ongoing Pandemic it is unlikely that I’ll be able to travel to distant countries this year.  Even my “snowbird” journey to Texas seems like it might not even happen.

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