Daily Quote: April 9, 2020

Nothing can be done except little by little.
~ Charles Baudelaire
(French – PoetApril 9, 1821 – August 31, 1867)

Vimy Ridge Day (Canadian)

2014-08-04 014

National Alcohol Screening Day 

Yesterday was a wonderful spring day.  The sun was shining, there was very little wind and the temperature was over 18C.  The birds have returned to the bird feeder with different types being seen every day.

Still in Social Isolation, the table below, from Google, adds a column that I find particularly interesting.  It lists the number of Cases per 1M people.  Although Canada is over 506 cases per Million people, the USA is still far ahead of Canad with 1,301 cases per Million people.

Cases per 1M people
Worldwide 1,500,830 193.01 317,855 87,706
Canada 19,231 506.36 4,620 430
United States 428,901 1,301.45 23,229 14,600

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