Daily Quote: February 18, 2020

All good work has magic in it,
and addresses the mind in a subtle way.
~ Duane Michals (American – Photographer Born: February 18, 1932)

 National Battery Day

National Drink Wine Day

So what is the story behind the picture.  I was hiking through Bentsen-Rio Texas State park when I saw what I thought was a leaf that landed on the road ahead of me.  On closer examination it was a golden butterfly that landed on the road and remained completely motionless.  The butterfly laid perfectly still and was almost lost among the colored stones of the paved pathway.  Not a new butterfly, but beautiful despite the tears in her wings.  Before I continued on my way I showed the people on the path behind me where it laid.  They pulled out their cell phone and also took a picture of this camouflaged beauty.

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