Daily Quote: February 11, 2020

Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.
~ Thomas A. Edison (American – InventorFebruary 11, 1847 – October 18, 1931)

Make a Friend Day

National Inventors Day

My Nikon D750 had to be returned to Nikon for required repairs (due to a Service Advisory that caused the pictures to be incomplete).  Because I don’t have access to a printer it took a week for the UPS label to come.  I’m hoping that the repairs can be done and my beloved camera is returned before I leave Texas.  Everyday I’m here my heart aches for my D750 and all the wonderful pictures I’m missing.  The good news is that this repair is paid for by Nikon even if there is no longer a warranty on the camera.

In the meantime I purchased a use Nikon CoolPix L340 through Facebook MarketPlace and am taking pictures to include in my daily quotes.  What a cute little point and shoot camera.  No options for taking RAW and very slow (1 frame per second compared to the 6.6 fps of the D750).  With the advances in technology the CoolPix L340 is now considered “obsolete” and with the introduction of the new D780 my D750 won’t be far behind.  The D750 dropped in value by almost $1,000(Canadian) as soon as the D780 was announced.  You can now buy a brand new D750 for less than I paid for my used one last summer with Walmart advertising at $945 (USD).

So what’s the difference?  Let’s google it:

“Nikon D780 advantages over Nikon D750
    • Focus peaking.
    • Longer stills battery life. Cameras with longer battery life can take more photos before exhausting their batteries. 2260 vs 1230 shots.
    • Brand new vs 5 years old.
    • 786k vs 307k pixels.
    • 900 vs 30 sec.
    • 12.0 fps vs 6.6 fps.
    • 12.0 fps vs 6.6 fps.
    • 204800 vs 51200 ISO.
http://www.imaging-resource.com › Camera Reviews › Compare Cameras

Nikon D750 vs Nikon D780 – Imaging Resource”


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