Daily Quote: December 31

Beware of your habits.
The better they are the more surely they will be your undoing.
~ Holbrook Jackson (December 31, 1874 – June 16, 1948)

New Year’s Eve

A solemn time to stop and evaluate the past year.
Write down your thoughts
Plan your new goals
Make your New Year’s Resolutions

    • Strive to be better.
    • Lose weight.
    • Exercise more. 
    • Eat healthier.
    • Drink more water.
    • Worship, pray and meditate daily.
    • Spend more time with loved ones.
    • Walk the dog daily.
    • Tend your garden.
    • De-clutter your home.
    • Learn a new skill.
    • Love more.  
    • Stress less.
    • Go somewhere new.
    • Feel the sunshine/rain/wind.
    • Knit gifts.
    • Make memories.
    • Journal.
    • Take pictures.
    • Live to the best you can.
    • Start a new Project.
    • Finish an old Project.

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